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  • The MAB, ‘Archaeological Museum Ferruccio Barreca’ in Sant'Antioco, preserves and displays a wide range of artifacts from the island of Sant'Antioco.

    The main part of the collection it’s about the important urban settlement built on the eastern coasts of the island at the beginning of the eighth century. B.C., known by the name of Sulky or Sulci, port benchmark of the territorial district of the south-western Sardinia that, with the metal sector of Iglesias, forms the sub-region of ‘Sulcis-Iglesiente’.

    The main topographic units are divided in three different exhibition halls: the first is dedicated to the built town contexts, the second and the third to funerary contexts, respectively with the cemeteries of adults and with the sanctuary with alsofuneral function of the ‘tofet’.

    Within the individual "topographic" units has been followed a chronological order, starting from the oldest to the more recent discoveries.



Gruttas Obertas 2016

Manifestazione culturale estiva organizzata dalla Cooperativa Archeotur in collaborazione con l’Amministrazione Comunale. Durante tale evento

Notte Europea dei Musei 2016

Sabato 21 Maggio. Apertura straordinaria dalle 20:00 alle 00:00. Visita gratuita all’esposizione museale e alla mostra di Antioco: il santo

Apertura Notturna 2016

Tutti i mercoledì di Luglio e Agosto 2016 dalle ore 20:00 alle 24:00 scegli la cultura e vieni e visitare il museo etnografico, il villaggio ipogeo e il forte

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