Hall 1 – The settlement

The first room of the museum is dedicated to contexts related to the built village, to domestic and everyday life, to men’s nutrition, to business contacts, craft activities, but also to matters related to religion, to the community and public life. The materials coming from decades of excavations of the ancient area ‘Sulky’ mainly refer [...]

Hall 2 – The necropolis

The second room is dedicated to funerary contexts, an only window shows the limited evidences related to the Phoenician necropolis, the location of which today can only be supposed on the basis of smattering clues available. Diametrically opposite is the situation related to the necropolis of the Punic era, deeply investigated since the sixties, which [...]

Hall 3 – The tofet

The third room is dedicated to the sacred area of the ‘tofet’, a sacred area at open air, equipped with fences, altars and shrines located behind the existing museum. On the natural trachytic rock, that characterizes the area, on the ground were placed the urns containing the ashes of babies born dead or died prematurely [...]