Service to the public

Guided tours
In open areas the guided tour is guaranteed to all visitors: individuals, groups and schools.
The duration of the guided visit to the archaeological museum and the tofet is about one hour and a half.
At the entrance of the archaeological museum is shown a video about the territory lasting about 25 minutes.
In the second room of the museum is projected a video on the Punic funeral rite lasting about 10 minutes.
The duration of the guided visit to the ethnographic museum, hypogaeum and fort is about one hour and a half.

Bookshop (Museum Shop)
In the museum shop of the archaeological museum, that has also ticketing function, you can buy:
scientific publications, publications for children, illustrated tourist guides, posters, Sardinian handicraft products. Also souvenirs as T-shirts, backpacks, silver products inspired by the traditions and Sardinian culture.
Here you can also find ceramic archaeological reproductions and jewelery; leaflets-brochures in Italian and foreign languages.

Sensorial path
The sensory path proposes a hypothetical trip to the prehistoric time in the dark of the Neolithic. The path is intended primarily for partially blind and blind people vision; it makes them living a cognitive experience through a museum path only based on touch, smell and hearing.
The sensory experience is also proposed to a wider audience, especially to students.
The trip includes reproductions and numerous plant elements associated with a diffusion system of nature sounds; this will help in the spatial orientation providing a unique setting. Unraveling these secrets also to sighted people, revealing the hidden emotions to the eyes is a new challenge, a new approach, a new way to discuss the accessibility to culture.

Restaurants offers
All the schools that visit the archaeological area can have lunch in accredited restaurants choosing between various menus; the offer is also valid for organized groups that can enjoy a wide variety of menus of land and sea.

>> Tourists offer
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Explanatory panels in Braille for partially and totally blind people

Thematic visits

Educational tours for schools of all levels

Educational workshops for schools of all levels (see educational section)

Educational workshops dramatized for schools of all levels (see educational section)

Educational activities at fairs, exhibitions and schools

Implementation of specific projects with schools and associations

Consulting and collaborations with public and private entities regarding projects of study, enhancement and promotion of the archaeological heritage

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